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The Paperless Compliance Management App was built by a team of experts from the construction industry in the UK to make compliance management simple, fast and easy. Reflecting the variety of ways that teams work across the industry today, the Paperless app ensures you can meet all your health and safety compliance requirements and tasks throughout the day, whilst remaining in touch with the team. 

Designed for use in the office and on-site, Paperless Compliance Management software provides the perfect solution for health and safety compliance and timekeeping management on the go. Combining in-depth research and a wealth of experience from managing complex multi-discipline and international construction projects, we have designed the most intelligent and effective construction compliance management software that meets all GDPR requirements.

Allowing you to ensure that the safety of your employees, customers, contractors and working environments remain a top priority throughout the day, the Paperless app provides an ideal, cloud-based technology solution for you and your team. Centrally managing all of your timekeeping and HSE training records through a dynamic paperless solution, you can do everything from loading safe systems of work, to sharing briefing documents, clocking in and out and lots more.

Making compliance on site easy, supervisors can access documents and link inducted attendees to briefings securely through Auto-ID technology on the go. The result is a detailed and current record of all site staff competencies and training records for both current and future projects.

Our comprehensive mobile application is carefully designed to include every feature you need throughout the day, such as timekeeping, fatigue management, emergency evacuation, roll call, broadcasting messages corporation-wide or to individual project teams and lots more. With the capacity to use Paperless cloud-based software to undertake HSE inspections and complete the required documentation wherever you are, our exciting app ensures that you and your team can work efficiently and effectively all day, as you move from office to site to home.

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