The Next Generation in Construction Health and Safety Management

Making compliance management simple, fast and easy.


The Paperless Construction App makes construction compliance easy and aids in achieving social distancing measures.

Powerful cloud-based construction project management software for all your health and safety compliance, construction time and attendance and project admin. An impressive, time and cost-saving technology solution for efficient workforce and task management on the go, in the office and at home.

  • Available on your phone, tablet and laptop

  • Fast, easy and reliable project management on the go

  • Meets all GDPR requirements for UK & Ireland


Store, update, view and share all your project information with one app.

Clock in and out whilst remaining in touch with the team using our simple dashboard, as you move from office to site and home throughout the day.



Powerful solutions designed for compliance management across the construction industry.

  • User-friendly, cost-effective compliance management platform that’s simple, easy and quick to use

  • Record timekeeping on the go and in real time and implement SOS and roll call from any device from anywhere

  • Deliver inductions, briefings and toolbox talks, including safety alerts and more on the go

  • Create, maintain, and share documents of all types, including checklist and permits

  • API available for integration with your data centre means you can manage your data centrally including data extraction and analysis

  • Meets all GDPR requirements for storage of data



On The Go, In The Office and At Home

Our exciting compliance management software ensures that every task for your construction project is completed quickly and accurately, in real-time as you move from office to site and home during the working day.

From timekeeping to file-sharing, fatigue-risk management, streamlined inductions, toolbox talks and briefings, complete and check all of your compliance tasks from any device during the day.

Whether on phone, tablet or laptop our reliable, secure and intelligent app allows you and your team to stay in touch and continue working effectively all day....and more

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Combining in-depth research and a wealth of experience from managing complex multi-discipline and international construction projects, we have designed the most intelligent and effective compliance management software for the construction sector. Allowing you to ensure

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