Workforce Management

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Live access to worker records

Single source of truth

Managing a transient workforce can be troublesome as companies often have to deal with inaccurate or missing records and traditional methods like paper documents are filled with loopholes. The Paperless Construction Compliance Management App, aims to provide a cost-effective workforce management system (wfm) - providing you with flexibility and data integrity.

Our innovative compliance management software enables every employee to have their own unique user profile, ensuring traceability as all their records will follow them wherever they go.

With our unique project management technology, you are provided with more effective remote worker management whilst your supervisors gain the ability to check any workers' historic records - to ensure they are not fatigued, have the right skills, training, and CITB / CSCS / CPCS or other competencies for the job.

Data insights

Using Paperless Construction’s Auto-ID technology ensures all relevant training records are recorded and indexed to relevant personnel. Digitisation of training records enables full traceability; linked records are converted into a live training matrix enabling real-time management.

Personnel competencies and training can be checked in the field - allowing site management to take immediate action if training is not in place. The Paperless Construction Compliance Management App also provides accurate worker time allocations between projects, sub-sites or office locations; facilitating project teams to accurately allocate costs. Another major benefit of using the technology is that site visitors and delivery drivers’ attendance and inductions can be instantaneously captured; ensuring only competent people enter sites.

Key benefits include:

  • Data integrity and a single source of truth
  • Real-time access to user records
  • Ensures effective worker management and HSE compliance
  • Data insights and reporting