Time and Attendance

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Time and Attendance


The construction industry is heavily reliant on a transient workforce, but this causes many problems. Construction companies often have to deal with missing records because traditional methods like paper documents and static, costly timekeeping units are not always fit for purpose or filled with loopholes.

We offer a cost-effective, cloud-based time and attendance compliance management application that can be used to record visitors and worker timekeeping and attendance - providing you with mobility and flexibility on the go, in the office and at home.

Flexibility puts you in control

The Paperless Construction Compliance App provides you with a range of cost-effective solutions to manage time and attendance.

Compatible with IOS and Android, our mobile compliance management apps can proactively monitor worker attendance, working hours, travel time and safe working hours. You can extract data for worker time allocations between projects, sub-sites or office locations; enabling project teams to allocate cost more accurately

Choose from multiple timekeeping solutions to suit your needs. Sign workers and visitors in with our mobile phone or tablet apps or use our purpose-built access control app that can be used by site security or as a floor or wall-mounted sign-in point.


Key benefits include:

  • Track visitors and working hours electronically and on a national scale
  • Save cost as expensive static timekeeping devices are no longer needed
  • Save time by eliminating paper-based records and autogenerated reports
  • Scalable and can be rolled out across a business in a single day
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly