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Induction & Briefings

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Safety Briefings on the go


When managing construction projects, ensuring everyone on your project is inducted, competent and has received the relevant training is a challenge, especially if workers come and go every second day.

Ensuring compliance is also time-consuming and costly as you face the difficulties of managing paper-based records, deciphering handwriting and ensuring traceability.

Gaining access to a workers' historic training records or competencies in the field is currently a near-impossible task, leaving managers without the ability to check compliance or insights to find out who was trained on what.

The Paperless Construction Compliance Management App aims to solve this problem by providing an all-in-one cloud-based project management application to maintain, update and share competencies, training and timekeeping centrally, without paper.


With the Paperless Construction Compliance Management App, daily briefings, toolbox talks, safety alerts and other critical information are simply loaded onto our web app and distributed to the relevant supervisors. Supervisors in the field can now view, annotate and complete forms on their tablet and brief employees on the relevant training material.

Having one unique profile per person ensures traceability as all timekeeping, competencies and training records will follow them wherever they go. Now, your supervisors can simply scan an employee’s QR code to see that they have the right skills, training, and competencies for the job!

Our innovative compliance management software gives managers access to competency and training matrixes, ensuring effective safety management at an organisational scale.

Key benefits include:

  • Real-time access to training records
  • Save time and money by eliminating paper-based training and briefing processes
  • Data integrity as paper based processes are filled with loopholes
  • BriefingLink allows you to record briefings from multiple devices and remotely
  • And most importantly, ensures HSE compliance!