Fatigue Management

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Fatigue Management

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Worker fatigue can result in a lack of attention, slower reactions, reduced co-ordination and accidents

Tracking travel time, working hours and rest periods using manual processes can be costly and troublesome. The Paperless Construction Compliance Management App provides you with the tools to do this digitally without paper.

Specially designed for the construction industry, our innovative compliance management software will aid you in ensuring that all the construction workers on your projects are physically and mentally alert.

Live data

Proactively manage worker fatigue with our interactive health and safety project management apps and user-friendly web dashboard, to create a safer work environment and ensure all workers are well-rested and alert.

In addition to our live RAG fatigue ratings, we have the capacity to send real-time alerts to highlight any exceedances or elevated risk.

Key benefits include:

  • Safeguards workers and reduces incident risk due to worker fatigue
  • Proactive fatigue management and forecasting
  • Save time by eliminating paper-based fatigue indexes or risk matrixes
  • Real-time working and fatigue hours available during shifts, including RAG ratings
  • And most importantly, ensures compliance!