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Checklists and Forms on the go

Flexiblity and Mobility

Ensuring all statutory inspections are completed on time has always been challenging.

Collating and filing completed records is also time-consuming and costly as you face the difficulties of managing paper-based records, with many misplaced, deciphering handwriting and little traceability.

Gaining access to historical records in the field is currently a near-impossible task, leaving managers without the ability to if statutory inspections were completed or not.

The Paperless Construction Compliance Management App aims to solve this problem by empowering your workforce to complete and share HSQE and plant/equipment checklists on time, every time. With our checklist/forms feature, you can upload and use your current company templates or forms, making roll-out quick and painless.


With Paperless' checklist and forms feature, sharing and completing safety, environmental, quality, plant and equipment forms is simple, fast and easy. Supervisors assign tasks to other team members to view, annotate and complete checklists and forms on their phone or tablet.

This ensures a central repository of all completed records, giving management instant access and traceability, ensuring effective HSQE management at an organisational scale.

Key benefits include:

  • Keep with your brand identity by uploading your existing company templates or forms, ensuring familiarity and instant uptake.
  • Real-time access to checklists records and forms
  • Save time and money by eliminating paper-based checklist processes
  • Data integrity as paper-based processes are filled with loopholes.
  • And most importantly, ensures compliance!