What’s new in Paperless?


What’s new in Paperless?

March 2021

App & Web : Checklist option for all your HSQE and plant inspections.

App & Web : Icons added to all user profiles to display whether the user has a competency that has expired (red icon) or has no expiry date (amber icon)

Web : Client and Project Selector improved on Web view, with project search function

Web : Checklist and Briefing create now has a icon filter for document types

Web : Multiple table, menu, tooltip and export updates

Web : Contractor Admin web improvements

App : Sync improvements

App : Push Notification updates

App : UI – Enhancements

App : General Bug fixes

App : Offline Performance improvements

February 2021

App : Briefing link to allow users to be signed onto briefings using multiple devices (See More)

App : Sync options added to choose timeframe of data to sync to the device (See More)

App : Ability to view on-app Briefing Records without sync

App : Renaming of key app functionality areas

App : Image capture secure storage on app

App : Document annotations bug

January 2021

App : Working hour menu added to user profile menu

App : Sync restricted to only keep 2-months of historic data on the device

App : Ability to record the date and time each user was added to a briefing

App : Access to past briefings without sync. Applies to briefer's device only

App : Enable user levels to be changed from mobile app

App : General Bug fixes and profile photo capture bug

App : New feature release : Briefing link to allow users to be signed onto briefings using multiple devices

December 2020

App : Update min APK level to 29 (Google Playstore requirements for new updates)

App : Update Firebase plugins (Crashlytics, App and Analytics)

Web : Update to Timekeeping Algorithm

Web : Apply visitors auto clock-out as per project max working hour settings

November 2020

Web : Briefing expiry date added as an option. Briefings will automatically expire on the selected date

Web : Additional timekeeping data available on client, project and the per-user view

Web : Users additional free text field added that can be used for bespoke user tags

Access Control App : Camera selector defaults to front camera on first setup

App : Update to time zones settings to ensure British Summer Time and Greenwich Mean Time transition is automatic for when clocks go back.

Web : Improvement to the timekeeping Today view with the ability to select a specific date or a time period

Web : Update to Timekeeping Algorithm

Web : Complete overhaul of all web tables ongoing
- Update registered users layouts
- Update settings download
- Update visitors view
- Update user training materials view
- User lists on web - added pagination
- Improved navigation and other improvements

Web : Visitors table updates and improvements

App : Bug fix related to inactive devices, timing out

App : Bug fix related to syncing briefng selfies to the web separately of Live briefing metadata

Web : Various bug fixes to new tables on client level

Access Control App : HAVS Questionnaire (Restricted access)

Web : HAVS Questionnaire Forms active on client level (Restricted access)

Web : Removed compulsory expiry dates on competencies

October 2020

App & Web : User specific time stamp added to briefing record - i.e. the time/date a user was added to a specific briefing

Web : Ability to upload PDF competency records to the web, incl the ability to view and download Photo and PDF competencies

Web : Log added to user record to indicate who added a specific user to a project

Web : Active and All briefings view added to Briefing records

Web : Visitors tab added to web

App : Switch project and sync issues

Web : Further restrictions to Site Management role on the web - Can only do basic user list download and Bulk download disabled

Web : Removed selfies from users table and only show induction photo

September 2020

App & Web : User-specific timekeeping view

Web : Timekeeping today view (defaults to the current date)

App : Switch project and sync issues

Android App : Issue fixed where users couldn't add images to pdf documents

Access Control App : Release v2 for Beta testing
- Improved user interface and workflows
- Visitor self-enrollment
- Available on phone and tablet

App : Further restrictions to Security role on app - remove the ability to see medical and competencies records of users

Web & App : ID/NI number removed as a compulsory field

August 2020

App : Change "Scan In" button text to a "+" icon

App : Change "User", "Visitor" and "On-Site" text buttons to "ON", "OFF" and "VISITOR"

App : Layout improvements where briefings and gear icons are cut off from long project names or a long list of users or Broadcast Message view is not scrollable

Android App : Various syncing issues fixed (due to user session/authentication expiry)

App : Removed vibration when the camera (not scanner) has QR Code in picture

July 2020

App : Push 'Briefing Conducted' record to web once briefing has been completed

Web : Update to web layouts for Briefing Records

Access Control App : Update to project selector - removed archived projects from project list

Android App : Improved Syncing for Android devices and briefing metadata pushed to web without syncing.

Web : Update to Client & Project Dashboards - Active Users

Web : Fixing timezone issues - defaulted to BST

June 2020

App : Worker Role App built to allow access to past briefings

App : New app updates include Firebase Crashalytics

Web : Add column to timekeeping report to indicate whether auto clock-out rule was applied

App : Updated Phone layouts and workflows for smaller screens

App : Push timekeeping record to web on sign-in/out without syncing required

Android App : Multiple Android bug fixes: authentication and syncing o

May 2020

Web : Auto clock-out option on projects without fatigue on

Web : Add ability for project admins to re-send user invites

Web : Drag and Drop for adding documents added to Documents library

App & Web : Change all document fields changed to be mandatory

App & Web : Change mandatory fields for user addresses to only apply to Postcode

Web : Allow contractor post code to be editable

Web : Update timekeeping algorithm

App : Beta Release of new phone Apps (Android and iOS)

April 2020

App : Add ability to put Fatigue (travel questionnaire) off and disabling during sign-in/out process

App : Updated view for viewing and switching between projects

Android App : Bug fix when trying to scan multiple users on Android devices

App : UI and sync fixes on Android
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